Abu Dhabi government policy lays on interacting with key stakeholders in society to provide more job opportunities for graduates whose number is increasing at a fast pace every year. To support job seekers, it has launched a number of initiatives to help people who are looking for a job, enabling them to search and apply for opportunities offered by the government or private sector entities.

Register to search for vacancies and apply accordingly. If you land a job, you will receive the help you need to empower you and build your career.

Abu Dhabi Job Market & Emiratisation

As part of the UAE federal government’s Emiratisation plan, the Abu Dhabi government committed to qualifying thousands of individuals for the UAE job market from 2019-2022 and to improve their skills in specific sectors which include customer service, real estate, oil and gas, electrical and mechanical engineering, retail industry, and many others.

Emirati job seekers and those who wish to change their career path can register via the HRA at TAMM and search for the job they want. 

To overcome the structural division in the labour market, the UAE Government launched the Emiratisation (‘Tawteen’ in Arabic) campaign which mandates the inclusion of Emiratis in the jobs market, particularly in the private sector. Emiratisation aims to increase the number of Emiratis in the workplace and encourage their contribution to the economy.

Emiratisation will promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities and decent job creation. It will lead to a substantial increase in the number of youths and adults who have acquired the relevant capabilities, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Are you ready for a new start?

If you are unemployed and looking for a job, here you will find a service that is specifically designed to help you find your future job. You can find what matches the requirements of your dreams announced by the UAE companies with the job seekers’ profiles in an interactive manner.This way, it helps both, the recruiters and the job seekers to find what they are looking for. 

The UAE government has also issued laws that encourage its people to work in the private sector and applies certain provisions pertaining to this. In Abu Dhabi, the Human Resources Authority has launched initiatives that aim at developing job seekers' skills by providing training opportunities in government entities and companies. The Authority contacts job seekers to encourage them to join the initiative.

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